Zu Treuen Händen proudly presents the K litter
due 9-30-2019


SG Ben z Johankinho dvora IPO3 IGP3 KKL lbz. HOT X Firien zu Treuen Händen IPO2 TR3 KKL B/HOT

Ben is OFA good hips/normal elbows, DM N/N. LB is is OFA good hips/normal elbows, DM N/A. Neither dog carries coat.

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Firien, aka LB, is a quick, athletic dog that loves to work. She has excellent hunt drive, very good obedience with a willingness to work with me, and strong barking, fight and super grips in protection. She is a social dog that adores kids, can be taken anywhere and has no handler nor dog aggression (she is the neutral dog for the temperament test at our club trials). She has a wonderful off switch and will hang out at the club or cuddle on the couch during down time. She is producing herself in her pups with some added benefits from the sire.

For LB's second litter I have chosen SG Ben z Johankinho dvora IPO3 IGP3 KKL lbz. HOT. I have known Ben for a number of years being lucky to train with him, seeing him in trials and off the field. Ben is a large very powerful dog with exceptional nerves, clear head and a strong desire to work. He is a very balanced dog with excellent prey drive while also being protective. He is aloof and neutral around people and dogs. Ben has excellent tracking ability with very high hunt drive which I try very hard to maintain in my lines. He is athletic with an excellent bond with his handler in obedience. In protection he has crushing grips, excellent barking and a ton of power to control the man. At 7 years of age Ben has competed in multiple championships, has never been injured nor had any back surgeries. He is producing his strong nerves and very clear head.

LB is a combination of west German working lines and the old DDR dogs that worked. She is from 4 generations of a bitch line I have owned, worked and titled. Dogs proven to be able to work in various fields like SAR and detection, do sport, just hang out in the house and have the nerve and temperaments to switch careers and become service dogs.

Ben is a combination of very strong Slovak/Czech dogs with west German working lines. Dogs known to produce not just sport dogs, but dogs for police and other working fields.

There is no linebreeding in this litter.

I expect dogs with very balanced temperaments, nerves and drives suitable for sport, police , detection and SAR plus, considering the exceptional nerves of both parents, the possiblity of some suitable for service dog work.

Pups will be raw fed with minimal vaccines, wormed as needed, and microchipped.

Please contact me for my questionnaire and for more information: EMAIL

And some photos of LB and Ben in trials and in training