A Litter

A litter pedigree


Aiden zu Treuen Händen SchH1


OFA good GS-71624G24F-PI,
elbows normal GS-EL17694F24-PI,
vwd normal

A dog and her boy, Aiden at 4 years


MMMMM, Tastes like chicken. ;-)

One for me, one for you?

Kitty want to play?

How about with the ball?

Couch potato

Having fun, spring 2008

At 2 years

Summer 2006

April 2006

Summer 2005


Aragorn zu Treuen Händen SchH3 (2X) IPO3 (2X, once at 9 years of age) CD RA


Hip/elbow prelims normal

2010 Regionals

May 30, 2009

August 2008

In Fun

June 1, 2008

Some winter fun, February 2008

November 2007

Aragorn Hold and Bark 6-24-07


Antares zu Treuen Händen SchH1

2.5 years

OFA hips GS-73844F35M-PI, Elbows GS-EL18956M35-PI

Earning his SchH1 with HIT, High SchH1, High protection, High tracking

Annika zu Treuen Händen

Hip/elbow prelims normal

9 years

Annika (A.K.A. Niki) and her owner Annika

10 months

Aero zu Treuen Händen Winter 2006

hip/elbow prelims normal


Aslan zu Treuen Händen

OFA hips good:GS-73656G34M-PI, elbows: GS-EL18858M34-PI

Alexis zu Treuen Händen


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